Fashion Roundtable's Fashion Director Karen Binns has been a fixture across art, music, fashion and pop culture since her youth in New York where she was muse to the legendary Jean Michel Basquiat.

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In the first of our regular Ask Karen? features, we ask Karen her thoughts on pop culture today.

Ask Karen?

What would Warhol and Basquiat think of art and fashion today and who are the Warhol and Basquiats of today’s pop culture?

Well I haven’t really seen another body of work that identifies the viewpoint of Jean Michael Basquiat, as he was a sartorialist of events during the 80s, he incorporated the feeling of young black urban struggle in today’s modern civilisation. 

But since MySpace to Instagram, it harder then ever to find an authentic voice of the inner struggle of a young black boy without it looking like a boring copy.

As for Warhol, critics that are more authentic…and still have the space to tell it like it is ... I've always felt that Andy was an artist / critic who had the capacity to predict brilliance.

I’m blessed to know Hilton Als and Charlie Porter, 2 critics of the arts.

No, they are not trying to be the next art team, as they are both writers; 

But, we can find on occasion, someone new and fresh, from their critic.