Advocacy & Campaigns

The UK fashion industry is exciting, innovative and at the forefront of global growth in creating world class bricks and mortar retail stores and developing digital platforms. 

However, business uncertainty around Brexit combined with advocating for representation, the skills and talent pipeline and economic case for investment in regional fashion start ups and creative hubs are intrinsic to the campaign's agenda.

#dontmakefashionhistory promotes long-term strategic and sustainable growth for the UK fashion industry in the global marketplace, to best ensure consumer advantage and nationwide creative talent support and development.

The #dontmakefashionhistory campaign will lobby for clarity on:

  • Industry concerns at a perceived loss of global reputation with potential delays to movement for talent and creatives, as well as logistic and merchandise.
  • Sustainable growth and living wage for all workers within the industry.
  • Regional development of UK wide creative hubs, to best enhance current local industry, fashion start ups, manufacturing, retail and creative output.
  • Representation: not only in the corridors of political power, but also to ensure that all of the needs of all of the industry and consumer markets are understood. 
  • Retail and digital multiplatform growth and strategic long-term support.
  • Promote creative education and the talent pipeline from student to business, advocating for STEAM not STEM education, to best support the UK's global reputation as fashion innovators.
  • Championing the UK fashion industry as a world class leader in the market and maintaining the UK's prominence as the most attractive location for fashion consumer travel.

We welcome leading UK designer Ashish's support of this campaign with his exclusively designed T-shirts which you can buy here.