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Government data shows that 8.7% of people employed in the design and designer fashion sub-sector compared to 12.4% of the UK workforce, and the disability pay gap averages at £2,730 a year - a significant difference considering that on average, disabled people face extra costs of £583 a month related to their impairment or condition. Ethnic diversity in the fashion industry currently at 9%, and data provided by the UK government points that the median hourly pay for White people was 10p higher that the average hourly pay for people from most ethnic groups combined.

Our Representation in the Fashion Industry survey will inform our future paper to propose a way forward for the fashion industry to become more inclusive. Have your say, share your voice, complete the survey and share social media #areyourepresented

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visas and employment in the garment manufacturing sector

The garment manufacturing sector holds huge growth potential, and the consensus is that access to talent is the most significant factor holding back growth. Kate Hills CEO and Founder of Make it British, notes that garment manufacturing has been the only manufacturing sector to show positive growth in the past year, yet the sector is given very little recognition.

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Anna Fitzpatrick is the Sustainability Expert at Fashion Roundtable, was the secretariat for for the All Party Parliamentary Group for Sustainable Fashion and works at the Centre for Sustainable Fashion.

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In collaboration with the anonymous Fashion Assistants Instagram account, we have created this survey as part of an on-going dialogue with the media and entertainment union BECTU.