There are still many unknowns about what will happen to the fashion industry after Brexit. We intend to turn the unknowns into a way forward. Watch our Brexit and The Impact on the Fashion Industry Paper launch filmed at SHOWstudio.

Sustainability and Geopolitics Event filmed at Push PR event on 23/05 speakers: Push Anna Fitzpatrick - Sustainability Expert at Fashion Roundtable and works at the Centre for Sustainable Fashion at UAL, Richard Malone - Designer, Bethany Williams - Designer , Orsola de Castro - Creative Director and co-Founder of Fashion Revolution, Daniel Hatton - Founder of the Commonwealth Fashion Council, Christina Tiran - Project Manager at The Sustainable Angle.

Ethnic Representation in the Fashion Industry Event at Push PR. Speakers Karen Binns Fashion Roundtable Fashion Expert, Kenya Hunt, Deputy Editor & Fashion Features Editor Elle UK, Karen Alexander, Eszter Kantor, Natasha Sivanandan, Rahemur Rahman, Frederica Boateng.

Lou Stoppard chairs a panel on the repercussions of the Brexit vote on the fashion industry, joined by Nick Knight, Fashion Roundtable founder Tamara Cincik, adviser Munira Mirza, CEO of the UK Fashion & Textile Association Adam Mansell and designer Phoebe English.
Tamara Cincik, Eszter Kantor, Samuel Nicholls, Navjyot Lehl and Karen Binns further discuss the effects of Brexit on the Fashion Industry, as part of the Fashion Roundtable Initiative. In-keeping with SHOWstudio's ethos of international awareness and our reach to a global audience, Nick Knight opens conversation into the repercussions of the Brexit vote on the fashion industry.

The fashion industry employs over 880,000 people in the UK and generates upwards of £28billion for the economy, but is its voice being heard over Brexit? Listen to Tamara Cincik speak to the Brexit Podcast.