Business leaders and consumers alike, know that political changes are on the horizon. What is less clear is what shape these changes will take. Playing a central role in forging them is vital. We believe that the fashion industry needs to be front and centre in this process, to ensure its continued prosperity.

Tamara & Parliament

London is a fashion capital, Britain is a leading destination for fashion tourism from global consumers. Fashion Roundtable are working to ensure that business is supported with opportunities to 

Our roundtables, both regionally and in London, will promote awareness of the needs of the market to continue to thrive at both hyper local scale, as well as global champion with international ambitions and reputation.

Our papers to government based on fashion stakeholder and consumer survey data responses, will ensure that we have an erudite understanding of the changing needs of the market and are best able to communicate these with policy makers and shapers.

Based on the two Westminster Pre Launch Parliamentary Roundtables and a Questionnaire, The below became written evidence for the DCMS Brexit Select Committee. Fashion Roundtable's Brexit report will be launched very soon.