Minutes from The Ethnic Representation In The Fashion Industry Event

Minutes from The Ethnic Representation In The Fashion Industry Event

Fashion Roundtable Agenda For Ethnic Representation in the Fashion Industry

Date: 18/04/2018

Time: 5.00pm for networking. 

          5.30 - 7.30pm

Location: Push PR

      The Arts Building

      Morris Place

                 London, N4 3JG

Each Speaker to speak for 5-10 minutes maximum each with questions at the end of the speaker sessions.

Please note that we will be livestreaming the event across the Push PR and Fashion Roundtable platforms.

5.00pm Arrival


5.30pm Roundtable begins.

1: Chair: Tamara Cincik, Founder and CEO of Fashion Roundtable (https://www.fashionroundtable.co.uk/). Opening Comments and introductions.

2. Karen Binns, Fashion Expert at Fashion Roundtable and Fashion Editor, Consultant and Publisher (http://showstudio.com/contributor/karen_binns). Karen has worked in the fashion industry for almost 30 years and as such has a insider knowledge of what representation across the sector does and doesn't look like, which she will discuss.

3) Kenya Hunt, Deputy Editor and  Fashion Features Director of ELLE UK(http://www.kenyahunt.com). Kenya will speak about her work across print and digital in New York and London and the need for an inclusive, representative strategy across these mediums to mentor potential and encourage previously unheard voices.




4) Rahemur Rahman, Fashion Design lecturer at UAL and Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts, as well as a freelance creative director and has worked on projects such as London Modest Fashion Week (https://www.instagram.com/rahemurrahman/?hl=en) and endorsed by Sarah Mower MBE's #sarahslist. Rahemur will discuss the blurred line between appropriation and appreciation and advocate that representation is the solution.

5) Eszter Kantor, Fashion Roundtable's EU Politics Expert, Eszter has worked with governments, companies, industry associations and other stakeholders in a variety of sectors across Europe and the United States and is an expert in European policy as well as trade, investment and public procurement (https://www.linkedin.com/in/eszterkantor/).Eszter willdiscuss the economic value of inclusion and representation in terms of growth market demographics, both in Europe and for global business opportunities.

6) Saiqa Majeed, CEO and Founder of https://www.saiqamajeed.comwill discuss her career from working for Dior, to launching her own label, which won Best UK Modest Fashion Designer, London Modest Fashion Week 2017the value to market of the modest fashion industry across the UK, European and growing global markets and the need to value inclusion into the core of all fashion buying and debate.

7) Frederica Boateng,  Fashion Lecturer, Researcher, Strategist and Academic Director, is currently a lecturer at the London College of Fashion and Regents University London, specialising in fashion marketing and entrepreneurship where she teaching across undergraduate and postgraduate courses(https://www.instagram.com/fredericaboateng/_). Frederica will discuss the statistics on diversity into fashion colleges: from student to lecturer and right up to Heads of Department to Dean of Collegeand how these translate into a potential exclusion at the point of entry for many from diverse backgrounds and an impediment to inclusion across and up the sector supply chain for representative talent.

8) Natasha Sivanandan, Former Barrister and Race Equalities Officer. Natasha will use the anonymous examples from( https://www.instagram.com/race2fashion/) to explain the Equalities Act 2010 and what this means as a legal support system for victims of racism in the workplace.

9) Karen Alexander, London-based independent film and moving image curator and researcher, currently lecturng at CSM. She has worked with and for the RCA and BFI. A Consultant Curator including for the Independent Cinema Office, the Watershed Bristol, Tate, and the Serpentine Gallery. She has lectured and spoken widely about film, race and representation and her areas of research are UK artists’ film and video, feminist and post-colonial politics of representation and gender.(http://inspire.rca.ac.uk/member/2752/_). Karen will take a cross arts perspective on the narrative of race and representation in her speech and the need for integrated policy across the cultural and creative industries.

9) Questions from the audience to speakers.

10) AOB and thanks.

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