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Q&A with Dr Lisa Cameron MP, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group For Textiles and Fashion (pictured centre, here with Tamara Cincik and Kelly Tolhurst MP).

Have you seen a shift in perception of the fashion industry among parliamentarians?

Yes, there’s a surprisingly avid interest that I’ve noted amongst cross-party members regarding the fashion and textile industry. Since becoming chair and raising the APPG’s ambitions in Parliament, I’ve found widespread support for these aims across the house. 

At What Price Is The UK Not Smashing The Glass Ceiling? Asks Tamara Cincik.

This lack of gender diversity is not only deeply worrying, as the report has not even touched on ethnic diversity amongst these women it also highlights that a lack of any women at the top of these companies is literally bad for business. FTSE350 companies with no women on their executive committee only achieve a net profit margin5 of 8.9%, whereas the figure soars by 5%, to 13.9% in businesses with at least 25% women at this level.

Bihor Not Dior by Lucy Siers

The authentic Romanian fashion brand, Bihor Couture, is taking a stand against cultural appropriation. They are looking to preserve the beauty and importance of their traditional clothes which are so important to their culture, and call-out fashion powerhouses like Dior for taking inspiration without giving credit.

Endemic Abuse of Fashion Assistants Across The Industry by Amy Odell For The Cut .

Tamara Cincik, CEO and Founder of Fashion Roundtable said: “I have worked in the fashion industry for most of my adult life. It can be amazing, creative and you can be around the more brilliant and lovely people. However reading this article, by Amy Odell for The Cut: books being thrown at assistants, interns being made to stand outside in the cold with no coat for hours, staff degraded and belittled, it’s just not and never should be acceptable. We have to join the dots and appreciate that however glam, exciting and well-paid the industry can be that doesn’t excuse in work abuse. And never should. That’s why I was happy to Chair the first ever Panel discussion for @fashionassistants and that’s why I am speaking to the film union Bectu; to work on a way to bring workers protections and support into fashion. Watch this space.”

Fashion Roundtable Despatch April 2018

“If we have learnt anything from these elections then, it is that politics needs some disruption, an alteration to the status quo. If we do not stand up and allow our voice to be heard, we can be confident that the outcome from Brexit, will unlikely be in the form we wish.”

After the local elections, what do voters think about Brexit now?

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Fashion Roundtable In Conversation for SHOWstudio

Fashion Revolution #whomademyclothes

Fashion Roundtable Despatch March 2018

"Fishing delivers roughly £1.9bn to the UK economy, compared to fashion’s £29.7bn. Nonetheless, fashion is yet to have a debate dedicated to the industry, in the House of Commons, in two years. Which means fashion has not been debated during the entire EU referendum process. As aforementioned, fashion did have a debate in the Lords but it only lasted 8 minutes. Fishing, this month, had a debate dedicated to the subject in the Commons and it lasted almost an hour."

Trade Wars – The Threat of Isolationism is Beyond Political Rhetoric

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Fashion mentioned for 8 minutes in a House of Lords debate.

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APPG For Textiles and Fashion Meeting at the Houses of Parliament: Fashion Trade with China.

Fashion Roundtable Despatch February 2018

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