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Does Love Island have a negative effect on viewers’ body image? By Melissa Chaplin

The television event of the summer begins tonight. At 9pm on ITV, millions of viewers will tune in to watch oiled, sleek singletons compete for one another’s affections. Ah, modern romance. Although tremendously popular, (last year’s season premier was watched by almost 3 million people), the show has attracted criticism on a variety of fronts. One issue in particular that has been highlighted is that of the unrealistic beauty standards portrayed in the show.

Interview with Zebedee Management: The UK’s First Inclusive Modelling Agency

Since launching in early 2017, Zebedee Management has become the UK’s first modelling agency to exclusively represent people with physical and learning disabilities. With clients including luxury womenswear brand Teatum Jones and popular high-street stores like River Island and H&M, they are fast proving that diverse casting is the future. Founded by sisters-in-law Zoe Proctor and Laura Johnson from Sheffield, the idea for their agency arose during a discussion about the severe lack of opportunities for people with disabilities. According to the pair, it was truly “a light bulb moment” while out walking their dogs. In reality, this shared desire to champion diversity was by no means a spur of the moment decision, rather it was a culmination of years working in parallel industries; where Laura is a qualified social worker with a wealth of experience working with vulnerable adults and children, Zoe is a performing arts teacher specialising in teaching people with disabilities.

Celebrating Black History Month: Are You Represented - The Ballet Inclusion Issue. An Op-Ed By Florence Raqa.

Why do we have a white dancer for both Odette and Odile: the famous dual personality white and black swans in Swan Lake? Why can’t a BAME dancer play both if a white dancer can?  Does classical ballet have to stay just that, classical (and white)? Do we need our princesses pale and our fairy stories European? Is there a core value system which upholds one archetype as desirable, even down to skin colour, while others are excluded and othered? Are the directors of the UK ballet companies waiting for a new generation of black or mixed-race dancer, regardless of the traditional ballet plots? As if so, what are they doing to make ballet more inclusive and less elitist? What changes are happening at community level? All children are interested in sports and arts given the opportunity via parents, schools and the right funding (which is key). However, very few black dancers enter the ballet studio.

High Street Retailer M&S Launches An Adaptive Clothing Line For Children With Disabilities - By Lottie Jackson

Last month Marks & Spencer was hailed as ground-breaking following the launch of its new adaptive clothing range for children with disabilities. The “Adapted for Easy Dressing” line includes everything from trousers and shorts with poppers (instead of zips), T-shirts with soft velcro fastenings at the back of the neck and dresses with discreet pockets for a feeding tube.

Weekly News Round-Up: September 10th-16th

Expectations for London Fashion Week, the stepping down of Alibaba’s Chairman and decisions made on the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market - the news of this week reflects anticipation and speculation on the changes happening across the industry.