Brexit Preparedness Notice on Professional Qualifications

Yesterday the Commission published a new Brexit preparedness notice for those with professional qualifications. This is the latest in a serious of guidance notes preparing stakeholders for a no-deal scenario. It impacts skilled professionals who have obtained a official qualification and use this qualification when accessing jobs in the EU. Our EU expert, Eszter Kantor, comments on this development.

Endemic Abuse of Fashion Assistants Across The Industry by Amy Odell For The Cut .

Tamara Cincik, CEO and Founder of Fashion Roundtable said: “I have worked in the fashion industry for most of my adult life. It can be amazing, creative and you can be around the more brilliant and lovely people. However reading this article, by Amy Odell for The Cut: books being thrown at assistants, interns being made to stand outside in the cold with no coat for hours, staff degraded and belittled, it’s just not and never should be acceptable. We have to join the dots and appreciate that however glam, exciting and well-paid the industry can be that doesn’t excuse in work abuse. And never should. That’s why I was happy to Chair the first ever Panel discussion for @fashionassistants and that’s why I am speaking to the film union Bectu; to work on a way to bring workers protections and support into fashion. Watch this space.”

May's Political Intelligence

Fashion in Parliament: The Latest News

APPG secures commons debate

The chair of the Fashion and Textiles APPG, Dr Sarah Cameron, secured a debate in the commons with a minister from the Department for International Trade to discuss the impact of Brexit on the fashion and textiles industries. Whilst the substance of the debate was limited, it was good to see textiles advocate Barry Sheerman MP join with Dr Cameron in expressing the concerns we have raised through our work.

Kate Spade, Fashion, Mental Health and Wellbeing Op-Ed By Rebecca Weef Smith

“The truth of emotions is that they are all fleeting, the good and the bad come and go. Of course, trapped in that moment we may be unable to see that for ourselves. Generating a discussion about mental health is the most effective way to help sufferers manage their problems. We need education and support systems in place, talking openly about mental health is the best way to ensure that we know how to help ourselves, and our friends and family, when we are up against the tide of emotions that feel so overwhelming we don’t want to continue living.”

The Threat of Continuous Duping of Chinese Clothes And Footwear Is Very Real. By Eszter Kantor.

“This information highlights the problems with the UK government`s customs options. It shows that currently the UK is struggling to maintain an effective border control with this fairly simple border arrangement that we have today. The UK border ideas include a highly technological alternative which does not exist today and an option for Northern Ireland border control to distinguish and apply different procedures for goods arriving to the UK from those that arrive and go through to the EU.  As we can see there are problems today with a high amount of fraudulent clothing and footwear entering through the UK border, these undervalued goods are not stopped and checked, meaning we don`t know if they are genuine Chinese brands that are dumped on the market below market value or counterfeits. More people and a more effective procedure is needed today on the borders to screen containers.  The threat of continuous duping of Chinese goods particularly textile and footwear is very real.”

Press Release on our Upcoming Sustainability and Geopolitics Event on 23/05

Tamara Cincik CEO and Founder of Fashion Roundtable: "Real luxury for me means knowing that who made my clothes did so with dignity, fair wages and in safe conditions. It's no longer enough to have the best fabrics and the most original designs. For fashion to stay relevant as the consumer demand for sustainability grows, we need to see all brands and that means at the designer end as well as on the high street, whether they are a huge international or start up SME, make supply chain decisions which have this at the heart of their business strategy."

Press Release for the APPG for Textiles and Fashion Meeting on Commonwealth Fashion 16/05 at the Houses of Parliament.

Tamara Cincik CEO and Founder of Fashion Roundtable said: "The work we do as the secretariat of the APPG for Textiles and Fashion goes to the heart of the work that Fashion Roundtable set out to achieve when we launched last November. It brings the worlds of fashion and politics into the Houses of Parliament, to better understand and work together. The meeting on the 16th May will be a fantastic opportunity for us to highlight the opportunities for the UK to trade across the Commonwealth, where growth and consumer demand for Made in Britain fashion has never been greater."