PRESS RELEASE: Fashion Roundtable To Host a Roundtable at Push PR 13/12 3.30pm -5.30pm. It's Time To Talk The Fashion Industry and Brexit

For an industry, which conservative estimates say voted 95% Remain, the need for dialogue around Brexit and the potential impacts to the fashion sector are clear.

A sector based on global trade and talent, with creative exchange and international travel at the heart of it's business model: how does it survive and indeed thrive through the upcoming UK and EU trade deals, as they begin in earnest next month in Brussels?

PRESS RELEASE: Fashion Roundtable Launches With An Intimate Supper For Politicians and Fashion Industry at Hoi Polloi on 21/11/2017

Fashion Roundtable is the brainchild of Tamara Cincik, who has brought together a panel team of experts from the fashion, academia, business, politics and economics sectors, to create a new and exciting opportunity for the work of fashion, consumer needs and policy makers, to be better integrated and supported. Her unique experience working in both the UK and international fashion industry for almost 20 years, as well as in Westminster as a Parliamentary Researcher gave her access and insight all areas, to frontline politics. She organised two parliamentary roundtables where the fashion industry could meet with politicians in the House of Commons, to discuss their business and Brexit concerns with policy makers.

Brexit Podcast: Tamara Cincik on how Brexit is a monstrous fashion faux pas

The fashion industry employs over 880,000 individuals in the UK and generates upwards of £28billion for the economy, but is its voice being heard over Brexit? One woman who wants to make sure its concerns are on the agenda is Tamara Cincik, who is the brainchild behind Fashion Roundtable, a parliamentary lobbying project, that launches officially on November 21. Tamara joins Tim to discuss the role and concerns of the almost entirely pro-remain fashion industry as the UK’s exit from the European Union draws ever nearer.

Brexit: The Impact on the Fashion Industry

Concerned for the fashion industry - not only in the UK, but on a global scale - SHOWstudio questions the vote for the United Kingdom to leave the political and economic union of 28 member states, as well as providing a space for debate and discussion about the future. 

Not all fluff and glamour

The fashion industry contributes £28.1bn to the UK economy, the largest component within the creative sector, generating around 880,000 jobs. It is also one of the largest BAME employers in the UK: a fact visible at London Fashion Week earlier this year, where huge levels of international talent and diversity were represented among the designers and their teams, and in the audience. Beyond that, thousands of international students flock to our outstanding fashion colleges.